Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Parents are welcome to visit and pick up their children at any point during the day. We kindly request that you are mindful during the times as to minimize any disruptions during our daily routine.

Children enrolled at STEM Academy have the option to bring food from home or participate in our hot lunch program. Lunches packed by parents/guardians should be easy for the child to handle and packed in a glass-free container. Lunches requiring heating or refrigeration should be kept at a minimum for children ages 2.5 years and up. If you would like your child to participate in our hot lunch program, please visit the Forms page for more information.

Yes, the following information can serve as a checklist for you when preparing your child's lunch:

All lunches, thermos, cups, etc. must be in a lunchbox clearly marked with their first and last name. Glass containers are not permitted. No peanuts. No Tree-nuts. All hot foods must be kept in a thermos to ensure they remain warm.

Infants and young toddlers are required to have their milk and formula bottles labeled each day with the child’s name and date the formula or milk was prepared. Parents are encouraged to use masking or painters tape to label bottles.


Please Note: Once foods have been served they must be discarded. Therefore, to avoid wasting food and drink, please be mindful of the portions you send. For our infants and young toddlers, we are required to throw away formula, milk, etc. immediately after a child has finished drinking from the sippy cup or bottle. We are not permitted to reuse these items. Last, STEM Academy is a nut-free facility, therefore children are not permitted to have any peanut or nut products at the center.

Yes. All students are served a morning snack, afternoon snack, and early evening snack. Breakfast snack normally consists of dry cereal, and our afternoon snack normally consists of goldfish or crackers. STEM Academy is a facility with a strong belief in healthy eating; therefore we have a variety of fresh fruit on site available for student consumption. Fresh fruit options normally consist of sliced oranges, kiwi, bananas, and apples. Parents are welcome to send alternate snacks for their child if they wish to do so.

All members of our childcare team receive CPR training and infant/child first aid training.

Please see the chart below:


 Class  Student/Teacher Ratio
 Infant Room  1:4
 Toddler Room  1:6
 Transition Room  1:8
 Preschool Room  1:10
 Pre-K Room  1:12
 Kindergarten Room  1:15
 Aftercare  1:15
 Summer Camp  1:15

STEM Academy is open Monday to Friday from 7am to 7pm. We provide full-day care for students in the infant, toddler, transition, preschool, and Pre-K rooms, and also provide after-school care for children who are enrolled in Kindergarten through Eighth Grade.

There is a specific dress code for Pre-K and Kindergarten students. Students in the Pre-K and Kindergarten classes are required to wear a STEM Academy uniform. For more information about the dress code, please see the "School Uniform & Dress Code" tab.  For our younger students, clothing should be the type that can be managed easily by your child. Weather permitting; the children will go out to the playground daily. Please dress them appropriately (i.e. boots, gloves, hats, coat, etc.). Also, please mark all extra clothing with the child's first and last name.. Barrettes and other small hair accessories present a choking hazard to young children, and therefore are not encouraged.

All parents/guardians are free to park in the STEM Academy parking lot. To avoid any fire hazards, please park in a designated parking space and not in the yellow emergency area located in front of the school. Parents/guardians are to enter STEM Academy using their personal identification code at the door, and sign their child in using the electronic pin-pad system seen upon entering. Last, parents/guardians are to accompany their child to their classroom during drop-off. When picking your child up from his/her class, please sign them out using the electronic key-pad used at sign-in.

Yes, all children have their own labeled cubby and/or hook for their items located in each of the classrooms.

To ensure your child and their classmates stay healthy, we require that children do not attend STEM Academy until they are fever-free for 24-hours. Please note: A fever is considered any temperature above 101.1 ℉.